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Advisory Lounge

Are you currently working on your Health and Safety Plan and not quite sure if it’s up to the latest standard, want to see if there is room for improvement or just have a few questions you are not quite sure about?

As part of the Mega Event, the National Safety Show will have a space where all your health and safety questions can be answered.

Conveniently located at the top of Hall 2, make yourself comfortable in the lounge while getting your questions answered by:


ResizedImage200110 EMAlogo

EMA | Stand #215

ResizedImage20082 Site Safe

 SITE SAFE  |  Stand #214

ResizedImage200150 Worksafe

WORK SAFE  |  Stand #213


We would also love your input in making sure the organisations are prepared on the day.  If you have a question for the team of advisors, ask it here privately and confidentially and let's get the conversation started!

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