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9:30 AM


Engineered fall protection access systems and how they work in with today’s architects, engineers and building designs’

    Greg Peterson, Technical Engineer for 3M Fall Protection at 3M

10:30 AM


The Relationship Between Consumer Attitudes Toward Mass Timber Construction and Property Purchasing Decisions: The Mediating Effects of Environmental Att

    Paul Kremer, Marketing, Strategy & Sustainability (Aus & NZ) at XLAM

This presentation explores the results of a recent survey exploring consumer’s (N =281) attitudes toward a number of identified factors that may constrain the widespread adoption of mass timber construction. Specifically, this study…more

11:30 AM


Construction and Auckland Issues

    Phil Twyford, Spokesperson Housing, Building and Construction and Auckland Issues, Labour Party

12:30 PM


CLT…what’s all the worldwide fuss

    Gary Caulfield, CEO XLAM



1:30 PM


“Where will the additional capacity come from?” A look at the Government’s housing construction targets for Auckland

    Professor John Tookey, Head of Dept Built Environment Engineering AUT

2:30 PM


Analysis of Structural Integrity in Buildings using Low-Cost Seismic Sensors.

    Mr Jim Lin, Manager of Research and Development, Sanlien/Jenlogix

Many countries around the world lie on fault lines that mean a high risk of Earthquakes that could damage infrastructure and buildings. As such, the local building codes naturally require high building resilience standards.…more


9:30 AM


GIB® Central Barrier Intertenancy Walls

    Hamish Ewan, Senior Technical Support & Development Engineer at GIB

Record population growth is putting pressure on housing supply. The public and private sectors are responding by designing and building terrace homes and apartments instead of standalone homes. This has prompted the team…more

10:30 AM


Leaky Building Syndrome 2.0 – All You Need to Know

    Thomas van Raamsdonk, General Manager at ProClima

What is Leaky Building 2.0? Gain an understanding of what causes it and how to prevent it from occurring in your construction. Discover the practical steps you can take to control internal moisture build up and avoid this systemic failure…more

11:30 AM


Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família Basilica: from humble origins to an ambitious conclusion (2h)


Professor Mark Burry, Professor of Urban Futures at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Free to attend. Registration is required.


Antoni Gaudí worked on the Sagrada Família Basilica project for 43 years – effectively his entire professional career, yet when he died aged 74 in 1926, very little of the building had been constructed. He bequeathed his …more

1:30 PM


Enabling Growth in Auckland

    John Dunshea, General manager at Development Programme Office

2:30 PM


Non-toxic building materials

    Jerome Partington, Sustainability Manager & Senior Associate Jasmax at Jasmax / Declare

3:30 PM


Beauty Matters

    David Trubridge, Director at David Trubridge

David looks at why beauty and art have always been important to the human race in all cultures. He offers some personal insights into how beauty and art may have first appeared in palaeolithic culture. Without beauty, there is no care, so…more

4:30 PM



    Steve Davis, Director at Assemble


9:30 AM


Our Role in Developments Across Auckland

    Gyles Bendall, Public Realm Programme Leader; Place Shaping at Panuku Development Auckland

10:30 AM


Q&A Session - Specifying products and the product assurance framework

    Trevor Pringle, Principal Writer at BRANZ
Jason Wanden, Project Manager - Assurance Services at BRANZ
Russell Clarke, Project Manager - Assurance Services at BRANZ

Appraisals & product evaluations – overview of the BRANZ Appraisal and product evaluation process.

11:30 AM


Designing the Dynamic – Learning from Gaudí (2h)


Professor Jane Burry, Dean of Design at Swinburne University of Technology and Adjunct Professor at RMIT University

Free to attend. Registration is required. 


The work of Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) exhibits a dynamism in architecture that runs deeper than its organic and morphogenic appearance. Gaudí’s pioneering design of a three-dimensional funicular model to work ‘live’ with gravity to…more

1:30 PM


Bostik NZ's ASA Waterproofing CPD course/Seminar

    Shirley Cotham, National Specifications Manager at Bostik
Jaco Malan, at Bostik


2:30 PM


Nick Hubbard

    Nick Hubbard, General Manager at Formance

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