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XPO Leads App FAQs

  • What information does the app capture?
    XPO Leads captures all visitor details, including name, company name, phone number, email address, postal address + any notes you’ve added + follow-up queries. You can even use the app to scan the barcode of items on your stand when adding an order to a visitor. This makes it easy to record and follow up with handshake agreements on the day.
  • How many staff can use the app?
    We can create as many profiles for your staff as you require. Note: Every device - e.g. mobile phone or tablet - running the XPO Leads app REQUIRES ITS OWN UNIQUE SET OF LOGINS. Logins are emailed directly to staff members, though can be provided altogether to the master user on request.
  • How do I add custom questions?
    Once you’ve signed up, we will send you an online form where you can create your custom questions.

    e.g. Question: Follow-up; Answers: Send quote, Send product X information, Enter prize draw; Allow multiple answers.
  • Is there is any memory requirement on the mobile for storage of data?
    We recommend between 20 and 30 MB to run the app on its own. However, if you plan on taking any photos on your stand, you should aim to have about 200 MB free at the minimum. Our app is only about 14.3 MB, though extremely low storage could impact your phone’s overall performance, which is why we recommend having a bit more than required as a buffer.
  • Where can I download my leads? Is the data saved on the phone? How can I extract it?
    All of the data is synchronised to your XPO Leads user account and can be downloaded as a CSV file from Your account will have one master user and as many secondary users as required. The master user can see all scanned visitors. Secondary users can only see what they have scanned themselves.
  • Will there be assistance available onsite at the exhibition in case my team needs help using the app?
    XPO staff familiar with the app will be available at the Show Information desk and at the XPO stand on the show floor to assist with the app, should you experience any challenges.
  • When do I get my app logins?
    We normally start sending out login details and literature on how to train staff on the app roughly two weeks prior to the show. Lookout for emails from
  • How much does the app cost?
    The cost to use XPO Leads App at one of our trade exhibitions is $350 plus GST for unlimited users. Depending on the exhibitor tier you chose when securing your stand, you may have the app included as part of your package; this information can be found on your contract.

    Adding additional staff onsite is normally charged at NZD $25 per user. Fill out the setup form before build-up (2 days prior to the show) to avoid paying additional service charges.
  • I want XPO Leads App for my team, but I'm unsure if I've already paid for it. How can I get it?
    If you've already paid for XPO Leads app or you've got it included in your exhibition stand contract, you'll have a line item for XPO Leads App there. If you're unsure, you can email your exhibition sales manager.

    If you would like to sign-up for XPO Leads App, email your sales manager and they will generate a contract for you.

    Once signed, the app team will be in touch to collect your team's information.
  • I have my login details but I still cannot log in to the app.
    The XPO Leads App does not open until 3 days prior to the start of the Exhibition and closes 3 days after the Exhibition. Make sure you have chosen the correct show and year on the drop-down list when logging onto the app. By default, XPO Leads App account is only valid for one exhibition unless you purchased at the multi-show rate
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