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XPO Leads App is a streamlined service to help exhibitors capture leads faster. Business cards are troublesome at the best of times; they don't always have consistent information - if visitors are carrying them at all. XPO Leads App allows every captured lead to be qualified in a snap and a handy notes section makes all the difference when trying to remember obscure details about a particular visitor.

How to get XPO Leads App

Talk to your exhibition sales manager. We normally offer XPO Leads App during sign-up for your exhibition space. Depending on the tier you secure, you may have the app included for free - this will be highlighted on your contract.

If you did not sign up for XPO Leads App when you secured your stand but would like to add it now, you can request a new contract from your sales manager. Once you're signed up, you can send us your team's details so we can get the app ready for you.

If you are unsure whether the XPO Leads App is included in your contract, please contact your exhibition sales manager.


We offer XPO Leads App for BuildNZ at NZD $350 + GST


XPO Leads App is available on iOS and Android

Note: A contract is required in order to activate your XPO Leads App account(s) for your business. Contact your exhibition sales manager.

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